Suntan Capacitor maker Lelon cuts into wind power market

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor maker Lelon Electronics has seen extra orders from China appliance makers due to the China government's program to promote sales of home appliances in rural areas. The extra orders have covered Lelon's reduced orders from the US and Europe, the company said.

The price of aluminum electrolytic capacitors has been stable since August 2008, while the price of aluminum foil continues to drop, lowering Lelon's cost pressure. However, order visibility for aluminum electrolytic capacitors is still low, the company noted.

Lelon has entered the wind power market with its large-size capacitors, and plans to apply the product to other applications. The company has already shipped a small volume of large-size capacitors to a motorcycle maker and expects to expand into the automotive segment.

Suntan Military Qualified Trimming Potentiometers

Trimming potentiometers perform a variety of circuit adjustments in all types of electronic equipment. The variety of physical configurations available and the ability to withstand today's manufacturing environment offers the designer

flexibility in selecting the best trimmer for the application. Around the world, trimmers are used in virtually every electronic market.

Suntan NIC Components launches new film chip capacitors

NIC Components has unveiled a new range of film chip capacitors which are designed to offer stable characteristics over a wide operating temperature range.

The NSMX series of wound, metallised polyphenylene sulphide film capacitors can be used in applications that require low-absorption characteristics.

According to the company, they are suitable for use in power supplies requiring low-loss parameters.

The product has an operating temperature range of -40 degrees c to 125 degrees c and is RoHS compliant.

NSMX series is also compatible with the latest SAC reflow soldering processes up to 260 degrees c.

The firm states that it has very stable temperature, frequency, voltage, bias and dielectric absorption, with ElectronicsTalk stating that this makes them an alternative to other dielectrics such as MLCCs.

Meanwhile, Vishay recently announced the release of three new X2 electromagnetic interference suppression film capacitors, which it claims offer an increased voltage rating while continuing to meet safety approvals.

Rapid Electronics are a leading UK supplier of electronic components, electrical products and industrial equipment to the Assembly Manufacturer sector

Suntan Tell You What is Gold Capacitor?

Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

What is Gold Capacitor?
The storage cell that used absorption/release reaction of ions;
No expendable chemical reaction while charge and discharge

Gold Capacitor Features:
Quick charge and discharge are available;
High capacitance

Gold Capacitor Applications:

Coin type: Back-up for memory;
Wound type: Motor drive, Back-up for solar battery

Suntan Aluminum capacitor

Aluminum capacitor with low impedance of 18 mO at capacitance values up to 6800 µF

Vishay Intertechnology has released a new series of radial aluminum capacitors that offers very low impedance valuesof 18 mohms at capacitance values up to 6800 µ Farads.

The 146 RTI devices are available in 13 case sizes, ranging from 10 mm by 12 mm to the larger 18 mm by 35 mm. For enhanced performance and reliability, the capacitors offer very low impedance, which is specified as low as 18 mohms at 100 kHz, a high rated ripple current of 3200 mA at +125 °C, and a capacitance range from 68 µF to 6800 µF over a voltage range of 16 V to 63 V.

This family of polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitor with a non-solid, self-healing electrolyte and radial leads, are suitble for smoothing, filtering, buffering and voltage decoupling in dc-dc converting switching power supplies. The applicaition areas can be industrial, automotive, telecommunications, and military systems.

The 146 RTI capacitors offer long useful life of 2500 hours to 6000 hours at +125 °C. The RoHS-compliant devices are charge- and discharge-proof, so there is no peak current limitation.

Samples and production quantities of the 146 RTI capacitors are available now, with lead times of 15 weeks for larger orders.

Suntan Capacitor Knowledge

A capacitor or condenser is a passive electrical component consisting of an insulating, or dielectric, layer between two conductors. When a voltage potential difference occurs between the conductors, an electric field occurs in the insulator. This field can be used to store energy, to resonate with a signal, or to link electrical and mechanical forces. Capacitors are manufactured as electronic components for use in electrical circuits, but any two conductors linked by an electric field also display this property. The effect is greatest between wide, flat, parallel, narrowly separated conductors.

An ideal capacitor is characterized by a single constant value, capacitance, the ratio of the amount of charge in each conductor to the potential difference between them. The unit of capacitance is thus coulombs per volt, or farads. Higher capacitance indicates that more charge may be stored at a given energy level, or voltage. In actual capacitors, the insulator allows a small amount of current through, called leakage current, the conductors add an additional series resistance, and the insulator has an electric field strength limit resulting in a breakdown voltage.

Suntan Trimming Potentiometers selling keep increasing

Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Trimming Potentiometers is used by more and more products, its application including satellite receivers, modems, LCD displays, set-top boxes, and meters and instruments, as well as entertainment devices, such as cameras, and MP3 players...

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Suntan can offer all kinds of Trimming Potentiometers, as below:

TSR-3006 - Rectangular Trimming Potentiometers
TSR-3323 - 7 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
TSR-3296 - 5 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
TSR-3362 - 9 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
TSR-3386 - 8 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
TSR-3329 - Circularity Trimming Potentiometers
TSR-3266 - 5 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
TSR-3318 - 6mm Phenolic Round Trimming Potentiometers
TSR-3306 - 6mm Cermet Round Trimming Potentiometers
TSR-3309 - 9mm Round Trimming Potentiometers
TSR-065 - Phenolic Trimming Potentiometers
TSR-3590 - Precision Multiturn Wirewoud Potentiometer
TSR-105H - 6 Terminal Trimming Potentiometers

Suntan High Voltage Chip Ceramic Capacitor special offer

We have below special offer for Suntan TS18H High Voltage Chip Ceramic Capacitor no. The price validity is 2 weeks from April 25 , 2008.

  • High Voltage MLCC 1206 0.027uF 500V X7R 10% US$28.0/kpcs
  • High Voltage MLCC 1206 0.018uF 500V X7R 10% US$25.0/kpcs
  • High Voltage MLCC 1210 0.12uF 300V X7R 10% US$52.0/kpcs

3Kpcs/ Reel, ROHS
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Suntan Got batteries? Get Supercapacitors!

Smaller density, four times the capacity, instant recharge... awesomeness.

You smell that? It’s the silicon-enriched aroma of new technology, and the source is nothing short of amazing! A small company in Cedar Park Texas known as EEStor has claimed it has developed a battery that will solve all life’s troubles. Well, all tech enthusiasts’ troubles anyhow.

Anyone who owns, or has owned, a portable device is familiar with how irritating battery technology is. Not only does it take hours to recharge the battery, but the capacity is often mediocre at best. Furthermore, they degrade over time and their charge is lost at a rate of several percent each month. The likes of NiCad, Li-ion, NiMH and Li-Po (to name a few) all suffer these cruel flaws, and are commonly found in everything from MP3 players to notebook computers. Fortunately for consumers, a new battery technology is emerging. One that will make power issues a thing of the past – the super capacitor.

Super capacitors aren’t something new. They’ve been worked on, prodded, and enhanced by researchers and electrophiles (of the human variety) for many years with varying success. Nonetheless, it was only recently that such technology has become viable for industrial use, thanks to EEStor and its new patent. Its latest 127.7kg prototype dubbed as an EESU (Electrical Energy Storage Unit) claims to have a capacitance of 30.693 F, and retains a whopping 52,220 kWh of energy. Now that weight may seem excessive. Luckily this technology is completely scalable, meaning possible future development for small consumer devices. In actual fact, the prototype is made up of 31,353 smaller units arranged in parallel.

In addition to the high capacity and energy, there are other perks. How does unlimited recharge cycles sound? The EEStor prototype was charged and discharged over a million times; the result being no change in capacity whatsoever. Imagine that in your laptop or mobile phone! And to top it off, now imagine plugging your drained phone into its charger, having a short satisfying yawn, then unplugging it straight after with a full battery. They’ll charge as fast as you can pump power to them. Yes, capacitors are that cool.

So how does this miracle battery work, I hear you ask? Let’s start with the basics. A capacitor consists of two conducting parallel plates immersed in a non-conductive (dielectric) medium. The plates are directly connected to the terminals of the capacitor, which then connect to a circuit. When power is fed to the capacitor, the negatively charged plate gains electrons lost from the positively charged plate. The capacitor finishes charging when this process of losing/gaining electrons completes. Since the negative plate is negatively charged, it wants to give off electrons to restore it to its original state. Likewise for the positive plate, however it wants to gain electrons. When the capacitor is connected to a closed circuit, the extra electrons from the negative plate travel through the circuit back to the positive plate. This creates a current in the circuit. It’s that simple, two plates and a dielectric!

The capacitance of a capacitor is measured in Farads (F). The 30.693 F of the EEStor prototype may seem somewhat small - but what if I told you that the capacitors in your PC right now were about 30mF (micro farads). That makes this super capacitor one million times more effective in terms of capacitance. A Farad is calculated by multiplying current by time over voltage ((A*s)/V). Considering it runs at 3500v, 30F is quite large.

Suntan Strong Promotion - Interference Suppression Film X2 Capacitor TS08S

Suntan has specially developed a new series of X2 capacitors TS08S series with metalized polypropylene films for interference suppression. These capacitors are designed for voltages of 275VAC, specified for temperatures from -40 to +100 °C, capacitance range extended from 1 nF to 2.2 µF, or customized as requested. This new X2 series provide interference suppression with CE & TUV and UL safety approvals. Their Typical applications include power supplies of all types, lamp ballasts and EMC filters.

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