Suntan Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometer

Suntan Technology Company Limited
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Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometer Features

  1. 6mm Round/ Single-Turn/ Cermet Industrial/ Open Frame
  2. Cross slot adjustment options
  3. Horiontal andvertical mounting styles
  4. Dust resistant/ splash resistant covers
  5. PC board stand-offs and retention feature
  6. Front and top adjust styles

Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometer Electrical Characteristics

  1. Standard Resistance Range 100Ω to 1meg ohm
  2. Resistance Tolerance ±20% (TK±25%)
  3. Adjustment Angle 240°C ± 20°C
  4. Residual Resistance ≤500Ω, 10Ω>500Ω, 2% 

Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometer Pictures