Suntan Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors Applications

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Suntan lead the unique and latest technology in manufacturing ceramic trimmer. We specialized in producing ceramic trimmer capacitors with 3mm-SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor3mm-Special SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor5mm Trimmer Ceramic Capacitor6mm and 7mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor etc. Following is the applications of a Ceramic Trimmer Capavcitor

Consumer Electronic Equipment
Audio & Visual Equipment -- Home VTR/VCR, VTR Camera, Television set, Video-disk Player, Digital Equipment, Radio Cassette Recorder, Hi-Fi Audio Equipment, Car Audio Equipment, Broadcast Equipment, CATV.

Industrial Electronic Equipment
Tele-communication Equipment -- Facsimile, Key Phone, Electronic telephone, electronic exchanger.
Radio Communication Equipment -- Automobile Telephone, Pocket Pager, Personal Radio.
CPU & Peripherals -- FDD, Computer, Printer, CRT Display.
Office equipment -- Word Processor.
Testing & Measuring Instruments -- Electronic Measuring Instruments, Industrial Measuring Equipment, Medical Electronics Equipment.
Factory Automation Equipment -- Numerical Control Machine, Industrial Robotics, Automatic Equipment, Ultrasonic Equipment, Components for High-frequency Circuit.

Home Appliances / Home Security Devices
Others -- Toys and Electronics Games.

Suntan tell you how to build a large capacitor?

One way to make a large capacitor is to take two long strips of aluminium foil (=large plates), put strips of isolating materials between them, and make a nice compact roll. Capacitors up to around 1MF can be made this way, but they are physically big, so if we want even higher capacity, we need to look for other things than plate area. It happens that we know of a very thin and very voltage resistant type of isolation material: Aluminium oxide. If we cover a strip of aluminium foil with a thin oxide layer, we have one plate and a very thin dielectric. Problem now is to make the other plate come close enough to the other side of the oxide layer. The thing that comes really close to anything is a liquid, so if we submerge our oxide covered plate in a conducting liquid, the liquid forms the other plate, and we can make a very large capacitor. A conducting liquid is called an electrolyte, see?

Suntan Types of Plastic Film Capacitors—Metallized Plastic Film Capacitors

Metallized Plastic Film Capacitors usually use polyester or polycarbonate as their insulator and are known for their self-healing properties. This means that one of these capacitors can be hit with high-pulsed voltages without seriously damaging the insulation. These capacitors are small and reliable, though it has a lower maximum current holding ability due to its thin metal plates.

Suntan Metallized Plastic Film Capacitors include TS02 ,TS03,TS04, TS05 ,TS07 ,TS08 ,TS09.All these types of Metallized Plastic Film Capacitors

have detailed introduce their Specification , Features . In our suntan website ,You can find more information about Metallized Plastic Film Capacitors. If you have any enquiry, Welcome to send email to our sales.

Suntan Tantalum Capacitors Advantages (3)

Tantalum (atomic number 73) is a dense and ductile metal that is silver-gray in color. It is considered both a refractory metal, due to its high melting point of 5,425 degrees Fahrenheit (2,996 degrees Celsius), and a valve metal, due to its tendency to oxidize, which forms an insulating film. For these reasons, tantalum is commonly used in capacitors, or devices that store electrical charges. Cell phones, computers, mp3 players and many other electronic devices use tantalum capacitors, which have several advantages over other types of capacitors.

Tantalum Capacitors can pack a lot of energy into a very compact package. This is an essential quality when it comes to electronic devices, particularly cell phones, mp3 players and portable computers, which have been persistently getting smaller and smaller. Due to their high energy densities, engineers and designers can easily mount tantalum capacitors into the tiniest of circuits, without having to sacrifice energy output. According to, a tantalum capacitor rated at 10-microfarads (which are units of capacitance, or the ability of a device to store a charge) can produce the same amount of voltage as a 100-microfarad aluminum capacitor.

Suntan Types of Plastic Film Capacitors—Polypropylene Film Capacitors

Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan the best sell Polypropylene Film Capacitor is Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor - X2 - TS08S. For TS08S Capacitor, It Provides interference suppression with CE & TUV and UL safety approvals. And TS08S also have High dv/ dt capabilities.TS08S Capacitor is widely used in the electrical Industry. Suntan St mark TS08S Capacitor is popular in the oversea market.

Polypropylene Film Capacitor is used in such devices as pulse-handle circuits, stable oscillators and sample-and-hold circuits. Due to a balanced profile of a higher dielectric strength than polycarbonate, strong insulation and low moisture absorption, this film capacitor is one of the most frequently used. This capacitor can also be combined with foil, metalized film or others, depending on the need. Self-healing is also available in this capacitor. If an over-voltage occurs, however, polypropylene has a tendency to be damaged.

Suntan Exhibition at"Electronic Americas 2011" in Brazil

On Mar28, Suntan went to Sao Paulo, Brazil for the "Electronic Americas 2011". During Mar 28th to Apr 1st 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Suntan sales met many old and new customers. Booth No. N150 was very beautiful and professional. The red posters made visitors very excited,more and more customers went to our booth and have a look at our good quality electrical samples, Our "Suntan"  brand products enjoy a very good reputation in Brazil market. Suntan exhibited successfully in "Electronic Americas 2011"

We showed our products such as metalized polyester/ polypropylene film capacitor including X2 capacitor, MLCC and high voltage ceramic capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, trimming potentiometer, varistor and rectifier diode. All these products attracted many people attention, This time, we win more new customers and some even placed order at our booth!

We also have these products in our stock now, If you have any inquiry, please fell free to contact our sales .Following is the pictures of our beautiful sales at our booth.

Suntan in Electronic Americas Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Suntan in Electronic Americas Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Suntan in Electronic Americas Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Suntan in Electronic Americas Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Suntan in Electronic Americas Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Suntan Trimmer Capacitor Specifications—Temperature Cycling & Humidity

The capacitor at approximately 75% of the guaranteed maximum capacitance, shall be given a treatment consisting of 5 temperature cycles as follows: Cool the capacitors to -55°C±3°C. Remove the capacitor from the cooling chamber and allow to reach room temp.

Then place in an oven at a temperature equal to maximum operating temperature ±3°C of the respective style.  Remove from oven and allow capacitor to cool to room temperature. The capacitor shall be held at the specified minimum and maximum temperatures long enough to reach equilibrium and in no case less than 15 minutes. The rate of change of temperature in cooling from room temperature, or heating above it shall not be less than 3°C per minute.

The temperature cycles shall be followed by exposures for 96 hours to a relative humidity of 95% at 40°C ±3°C. The capacitor shall then be removed from the humidity chamber and held at 25°C ±5°C with a maximum humidity of 50% for four hours.  The I.R. shall be at least 1 gigaohm, the “Q” at 1 MHz is at least 40% of initial test limit and the capacitance shall not have changed by more than±3% or ±0.5pF, whichever is greater, from its value prior to the start of the temperature cycling.

Suntan Trimmer Capacitor Specifications—Accelerated Life Test

The capacitor, at approximately 75% of the guaranteed maximum capacitance, shall be tested for 250 hours at twice rated voltage, and at a temperature equal to the maximum operating temperature± 3°C for the respective style. At the end of this period the capacitance shall not have changed more than ±5% or ±0.5pF, whichever is greater, from its value before the life test. The I.R. shall be 1 gigaohm minimum and the“Q” at 1 MHz shall be a minimum of 40% of the initial test limit.

Suntan Trimmer Capacitor Specifications—Temperature Characteristic

The T.C. of capacitance shall be within the limits shown in the table to the right. The T.C. shall be determined by measuring the capacitance (capacitor shall be set at approximately 75% of the guaranteed maximum capacitance) at +25, -55°C and either +85°C or +125°C,whichever is applicable to the respective style, at a frequency of 0.1 to 1 Megahertz. Each measurement shall be made after the capacitor has reached thermal stability.

Suntan water of a Electrolyte Capacitor

Water in the electrolyte plays a big role. It increases conductivity thereby reducing the capacitor’s resistance, but it reduces the boiling point so it interferes with high temperature performance, and it reduces shelf life. A few percent of water is necessary because the electrolyte maintains the integrity of the aluminum oxide dielectric. When leakage current fows, water is broken into hydrogen and oxygen by hydrolysis, and the oxygen is bonded to the anode foil to heal leakage sites by growing more oxide. The hydrogen escapes by passing through the capacitor’s rubber seal.