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Data shows that more and more people start using multi-layer ceramic capacitors/MLCC, and increasingly optimistic about their new circuit design applications. In the past five to ten years, MLCC and tantalum capacitor capacitance of unit volume has been increased 10 to 100 times as before, MLCC application areas have gradually expanded to previously dominated by the tantalum capacitor site. Currently, MLCC and tantalum capacitors is competing between 1.0 to 100uF market. Many circuit design found that the new generation of large capacitance MLCC can better meet their needs, and higher production level (currently producing about 600 billion, and tantalum capacitors for 25 billion). Moreover, manufacturers of basic metal electrode and technological improvements have greatly reduced the cost of MLCC, which also increased victory chips for MLCC occupation tantalum capacitor market.

And at present ceramics are most cost affective in small sizes. Very large ceramics are a bit of a challenge, especially in SMD.

Currently the large case Suntan offer is up to 2225/3030 at Voltage 500V is 0.68uF, at Voltage 1000V is 0.1uF.

The main voltage : 50V, 100V, 200V, 500V, 1KV, 2KV, 3KV, 4KV

Material : NPO, X7R, Y5V

Size case : 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1808, 1812, 2220/2225, 3030

MLCC- Suntan TS18 -

High Voltage MLCC Suntan TS18H -


DC-DC converter

The circuit filter and vibration bell of telephone, electrograph and modem.

Snubber circuit for switching power supply.

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Suntan Short Lead time of Suntan Box type Metallized Polyester & Polypropylene film capacitor increase market shares

Since last year, lead time for box type film capacitors became longer, some duration the lead time for AVX/Epcos even comes to 25 weeks or more. Learnt from some customers that AVX doesn't does not produce this family anymore and Epcos's price become a problem which increase the total cost. Though this might be a hearsay, but here Suntan could offer replacements to these 2 brands could be true and trustful.

Suntan is always trying to make many efforts to improve the lead time and box technology, so along months, the lead time becoms Suntan's advantage, currently we offer 5 - 6 weeks for mini box TS05/TS05S P:5mm.

The main types which support box is Polyester & Polypropylene :

Capacitors with a Polyester are suitable for general applications such as coupling, uncoupling and passing. By using ultra-thin films can be up to 10 uF capacitance values ​​in P: 5 mm can be achieved. For operating temperatures up to +105 ° C, for example in automotive electronics, lighting or sensor technology.

Polypropylene capacitors are used in the high frequencies. These include resonant circuits, power supplies, deflection, oscillation circuits and the audio field.

Main features and benefits :

1. Box type provides identical outer appearance
2. Non inductively with metallized polyester film as dielectric, with copper-clad steel leads and encapsulated in a plastic case sealed with epoxy resin
3. Wide capacitance range and small size
4. Long life due to self-healing effect
5. Suitable for blocking
6. By-pass and coupling of DC and signals to VHF range
7. Widely used in filters
8. Noise suppression and low pulse circuits
9.Higher current density per capacitance and volume
10.Operating temperature up to 105 ºC

Main series in hot selling listed below :

*TS02B--Box Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors
*TS05/S--5mm Mini box stacked Met Polyester Film Capacitors
*TS09B--Double Sided Box Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors
*TS08S--X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors, Box type.

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Suntan Plastic Film Capacitor new leaflet

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Suntan is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of Plastic Film Capacitors, including Green Polyester Film Capacitor, Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor, Mini BOX metallized Film Capacitor, X2 Capacitor, Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor and Polystyrene Film Capacitor etc. Please refer to below product list of Plastic Film Capacitors.

Suntan Hot Selling: Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor - X2 - TS08S

Suntan Plastic Film Capacitors, X2 capacitors, safty capacitors

Suntan offers Plastic Film Capacitors which are the key components of power supply units. Plastic Film Capacitors help suppress interference and simultaneously decouple semiconductors or are used as DC link capacitors. Suntan Plastic Film covers a wide range of capacitance and voltage, matching a various applications such as HID lamp, photo flash, engine control unit and LCD backlight. All products are environmentaly conscious and comply with RoHs directive.

Suntan Hot promotion of Diode LL4148 from Suntan Short delivery

Suntan Technology Company Limited
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Along with the good selling of Chip diode 1N4007, Suntan's LL4148 is gradually known and acceptable by more customers, to win more market shares and reward to the supports of the old and new customers, Suntan try to promote the special offers as below:

Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode LL4148

  • SMD diode
  • Fast switching diode in MiniMELF case especially suited for automatic surface mounting
  • High quality and Favorable price
  • High speed switching
  • the varactor diodes: used in TV tuner, power supply...

Suntan LL4148 LL-34 Tape & Reel MPQ:2.5Kpcs/reel

MOQ:150Kpcs 150Kpcs/carton, L/T: stocks or 7-10 days only
3 Million Pieces in Stock US$3.2/kpcs !!!!!!

(Price and stock validity: within 1 month)

Stock offers for X2 275VAC, tantalum capacitor, diode M7, trimmer capacitor, come to ask for offers and get fast stocks within your requests.

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Suntan Best Replacement for AVX/ TPC Box Type Film Capacitor & X2 Capacitor - Suntan TS05 and TS08S

AVX stopped the production line of box type film capacitor including 5mm pitch capacitor and X2 safety capacitor. While, for both series Suntan can offer equivalence as TS05 and TS08S series. If you need to find a replacement, that would be a best choice for you. Both of these series have competitive price, excellent quality and short lead time as well beyond your expectation!

Suntan professional sales always focus on providing best service to customers through continuous improvement on product quality, production cost and prompt feedback. Hope this time we still can settle some customers' problem of urgent requirement!

Suntan TS05 datasheet link:

Suntan TS05

Suntan TS08S datasheet link:

Suntan TS08S

Suntan hot offer Trimming Potentiometer-3323

Suntan offer full kinds of Trimming Potentiometer as below. Please check for data sheet freely.

TSR-3006 - Rectangular Trimming Potentiometer
TSR-3323 - 4 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometer
TSR-3296 - 5 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometer
TSR-3362 - 7 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometer
TSR-3386 - 8 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometer
TSR-3329 - Circularity Trimming Potentiometer
TSR-3266 - 5 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometer
TSR-3318 - 6mm Phenolic Round Trimming Potentiometer
TSR-3306 - 6mm Cermet Round Trimming Potentiometer
TSR-3309 - 9mm Round Trimming Potentiometer
TSR-065 - Phenolic Trimming Potentiometer
TSR-3590 - Precision Multiturn Wirewound Potentiometer
TSR-105H - 6 Terminal Trimming Potentiometer
Delivery: 2 weeks
Packing information: 50pcs/ tube
MOQ: 500 pcs