Suntan electronica 2012 Report

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electronica 2012 Final Report says
"International trade fair leaves industry feeling confident."
"Besides Germany, the countries with the largest numbers of exhibitors were China, Taiwan, the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Hong Kong.."
From the show, we noticed more and more European companies were looking for the makers from China, or they already found Asia makers but looking for new suppliers, for cost down due to the actual economic conditions..




 The information is good for Chinese makers. This might offer evidence that the makers based in Europe have lost market share to their counterparts in Asia (Taiwan, China, Hongkong), where the export of electronic components is rapidly growing.
Meanwhile, Suntan 's competitor is more. This push us to improve our support on production control, price, lead time, certificates and other terms to be more competitive.
Suntan brand in Europe market is more than 20 years, we have confidence to win a large market share.
For now, all our parts are as per the Europe standard like fulfill REACH standard, have had VDE, ENEC approvals for Safety Capacitors (X2, Y1, Y2), Varistors etc.. And quick reply from our professional sales team, which serves our customers well.
We have met more than 60 old customers during these 4 days. As always, we think meeting with old customers is very important.
Also this is a good chance to introduce our company and our products to new potential buyers.
Our strong parts include: Safety Capacitors (X2, Y1, Y2 types), Tantalum Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Varistors, Trimming Potentiometers, Diodes..

Suntan Chip Tantalum Capacitor - SMD - TS20

Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan is a professional manufacturer of electronic components and specilized in all kinds of Tantalum capacitors.Range includes Dipped Tantalum Capacitors, Chip Tantalum Capacitors etc.
Our Chip Tantalum Capacitors - SMD - TS20  is our strong series,we produce high quality with unbeatable price.Contact us today and experience first hand our long tradition of quality products, on-time deliveries, capable technical support, and competitive pricing.

Please refer to below our SMD Tantalum Capacitors datasheet :

Chip Tantalum Capacitors - SMD
Chip Tantalum Capacitor - SMD Features
Molded case available in six case codes
Compatible with all popular 'High Volume' automatic pick and equipment
Optical character recognition qualified
Chip Tantalum Capacitors - SMD Specifications 
Operating Temperature:  -55 °c ~ +125°c (>85°c applying derated voltage) 
Rated Voltage Range:  DC 4V ~ 50V
Capacitance Tolerance  k: (±10%), M: (±20%) (20°c, 120hz/100hz)

Suntan Offers All Kinds of Bridge Rectifiers - Su Brand

Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Bridge rectifier are widely used in LCD TV, CRT color TV sets, monitors, speakers, energy-saving lamps, microwave ovens, printers, set-top boxes, small household electrical appliances and other fields.

Aiming to be the first and best supplier that customers rely on, Suntan since its inception, has always been committed to the development of new products to meet market demand.
Now Suntan offered all kind of bridge rectifiers with the Su trademark on the body,if you have any inquire please contact us and send us inquiry. We are willingly to make more focus on the customers need and pay more attention to the quality of our products.
Please see the below all kinds of bridge rectifier series. Looking forward to your business chance.
ABS2-ABS10            (ABS2 ABS4 ABS6 ABS8 ABS10)
W005-W10              (W005  W01  W02  W04 W06 W08 W10 )
DB101-DB107           (DB101 DB102 DB103 DB104 DB105 DB106 DB107) 
DB101S-DB107S       (DB101S  DB102S DB103S DB104S DB105S DB106S DB107S)
MB2S-MB10S           (MB2S  MB4S MB6S MB8S MB10S) 
RS201~RS207          (RS201 RS202 RS203 RS204 RS205 RS206 RS207)
KBL4005-KBL410       (KBL4005  KBL401 KBL402 KBL404 KBL406 KBL408 KBL410)
KBU6005-KBU610       (KBU6005  KBU601  KBU602 KBU604 KBU606 KBU608 KBU610) 
KBJ6005~KBJ610       (KBJ6005  KBJ601  KBJ602 KBJ604 KBJ606 KBJ608 KBJ610)
KBP2005-KBP210       (KBP2005  KBP201  KBP202 KBP204 KBP206 KBP208 KBP210)
GBU4005-GBU410      (GBU4005  GBU401  GBU402 GBU404 GBU406 GBU408 GBU410) 
GBJ6005-GBJ610        (GBJ6005  GBJ601  GBJ602 GBJ604 GBJ606  GBJ608  GBJ610)
BR25005~BR2510               (BR25005  BR2501 BR2502 BR2504 BR2506 BR2508 BR2510)
BR25005W~BR2510W        (BR25005W  BR2501W BR2502W BR2504W BR2506W BR2508W BR2510W)
KBPC25005-KBPC2510       (KBPC25005  KBPC2501 KBPC2502 KBPC2504 KBPC2506 KBPC2508 KBPC2510)
KBPC25005W-KBPC2510W    (KBPC25005W KBPC2501W KBPC2502W KBPC2504W KBPC2506W KBPC2508W KBPC2510W)
KBPC35005-KBPC3510           (KBPC35005  KBPC3501 KBPC3502 KBPC3504 KBPC3506 KBPC3508 KBPC3510)   
KBPC35005W-KBPC3510W    (KBPC35005W KBPC3501W KBPC3502W KBPC3504W KBPC3506W KBPC3508W KBPC3510W)
SKBPC25005~SKBPC2516     (SKBPC25005 SKBPC2501 SKBPC2502 SKBPC2504 SKBPC2506 SKBPC2508 SKBPC2510  SKBPC2512 SKBPC2514 SKBPC2516) 
SKBPC35005~SKBPC3516     (SKBPC35005 SKBPC3501 SKBPC3502 SKBPC3504 SKBPC3506 SKBPC3508 SKBPC3510  SKBPC3512 SKBPC3514 SKBPC3516)

Suntan introduction of brand new product of bridge rectifiers -Su Trademark

Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Dear Customers,
There is a piece of good news to share with you:
In order to provide the most effective response,Suntan launched a brand new product of bridge rectifiers under our own registered brand Su. If you have any inquire, please contact us as soon as possible.
Suntan offers all kinds of Bridge rectifier with Su trandmark on the body:  DB101-DB107, DB101S-DB107S, MB2S-MB10S, KBL4005-KBL410, KBU6005-KBU610, KBP2005-KBP210, GBU4005-GBU410, GBJ6005-GBJ610, KBPC25005-KBPC2510, KBPC25005W-KBPC2510W, KBPC35005-KBPC3510, KBPC35005W-KBPC3510W.


 For more detail,Please refer to below product list:

Type No. Package Discription
ABS2~ABS10 ABS Single Phase 1.0 AMPS.
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers
WOB Single Phase 1.0 AMPS.
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers
DB101-DB107 DB Single Phase 1.0 AMPS.
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers
DBS Single Phase 1.0 AMPS. 
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers 
MBS Single Phase 0.8 AMPS. 
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers 
RS2 Single Phase 2.0 AMPS.
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers
KBL Single Phase 4.0 AMPS. 
Silicon Bridge Rectifiers 
KBU Single Phase 6.0 AMPS.
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers 
KBJ6 Single Phase 6.0 AMPS.
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers 
KBP Single Phase 2.0 AMPS. 
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers 
GBU Single Phase 4.0/6.0/8.0 AMPS.
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers
KBJ6 Single Phase 6.0 AMPS.
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers
BR Single Phase 25 AMPS.
Silicon Bridge Rectifiers
BR-W Single Phase 25 AMPS. 
Silicon Bridge Rectifiers
KBPC25 High Current 25 AMPS. Single Phase
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers
KBPC-W Single Phase 25 AMPS. 
 Silicon Bridge Rectifiers
KBPC25 High Current 35 AMPS. Single Phase 
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers 
KBPC-W High Current 35 AMPS. Single Phase
Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers


Suntan Re-start to Offer BOX-MPP Capacitor - TS07B

Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors
From Oct. 22, 2012, Suntan re-started to offer TS07B series - MEALLIZED POLYPROPYLENE FILM CAPACITOR BOX TYPE. Comparing with normal polyester and polypropylene capacitor, this series has typical features as below. With more and more production lines expanding, Suntan believe customers and us will get mutual benefit. Welcome to check our price with our professional sales team!


‧ High reliability at high current stress.
‧ Self-healing properties.
‧ Flame retardant plastic case and epoxy resin.
‧ Low losses, high dv/ dt capability.
‧ High moisture resistance.
‧ High stability of capacitance and long life.
Quick Entrance:

Suntan the Resistive Element of Trimming potentiometers

Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Sales of Suntan Trimming potentiometers keep increasing these years, they rank as the second big series besides capacitors in Suntan, various resistances besides standard ones are requested, by using different resistance element, we get different resistance range in order to meet customer's requirement. 

Trimming Potentiometers have a resistive element made of carbon or cermet (a combination of CERamic and METal), or of resistance wire wound on an insulated copper mandrel.

The main advantages of wirewound trimmers are their low temperature coefficient, higher power dissipation, lower noise, tighter resistance tolerance, and, when used as a variable resistor, the excellent current-carrying capacity through the wiper due to the lower contact resistance. Also, their long-term resistance stability with time and temperature is slightly better than cermet. 

Cermet trimmers provide a wider resistance range (10 ohms to 5 megohms, versus a maximum of 100K ohms for wirewound). Also, the wiper output can be set closer to the desired value since the resistive element presents a continuous contact  surface for the wiper, as opposed to the discrete turns (resolution) of the wirewound. Other advantages with cermet are the lower reactance in high-frequency applications, the smaller sizes available, and the generally lower price than wirewound types.

More cermet series are provided to meet the blooming demand of lower price in the market, here is Suntan Trimming potentiometers family, then which resistive element do you prefer to? Are higher resistance needed? Or lower meet your request too? Welcome send comments and inquiries.

More information, please enter into

Square Trimming Potentiometer – 3006 & 3362 Cermet
Square Trimming Potentiometer – 3323 Cermet
Square Trimming Potentiometer – 3296 & 3266 Cermet
Square Trimming Potentiometer – 3386 Cermet
Circularity Trimming Potentiometer – 3329 Cermet
Round Trimming Potentiometer – 3309 Cermet
Wirewound Element-3540 Wirewound
Precision Multiturn Wirewound Potentiometer – 3590 Wirewound