Su Suntan Capacitor Knowledge

A capacitor or condenser is a passive electrical component consisting of an insulating, or dielectric, layer between two conductors. When a voltage potential difference occurs between the conductors, an electric field occurs in the insulator. This field can be used to store energy, to resonate with a signal, or to link electrical and mechanical forces. Capacitors are manufactured as electronic components for use in electrical circuits, but any two conductors linked by an electric field also display this property. The effect is greatest between wide, flat, parallel, narrowly separated conductors.


Got batteries? Get Supercapacitors!

Smaller density, four times the capacity, instant recharge... awesomeness.

You smell that? It’s the silicon-enriched aroma of new technology, and the source is nothing short of amazing! A small company in Cedar Park Texas known as EEStor has claimed it has developed a battery that will solve all life’s troubles. Well, all tech enthusiasts’ troubles anyhow.

Anyone who owns, or has owned, a portable device is familiar with how irritating battery technology is. Not only does it take hours to recharge the battery, but the capacity is often mediocre at best. Furthermore, they degrade over time and their charge is lost at a rate of several percent each month. The likes of NiCad, Li-ion, NiMH and Li-Po (to name a few) all suffer these cruel flaws, and are commonly found in everything from MP3 players to notebook computers. Fortunately for consumers, a new battery technology is emerging. One that will make power issues a thing of the past – the supercapacitor.

Suntan Trimming Potentiometers Selling Keep Increasing

Trimming Potentiometers is used by more and more products, its application including satellite receivers, modems, LCD displays, set-top boxes, and meters and instruments, as well as entertainment devices, such as cameras, and MP3 players...

we can accept very small quantity with very competetive price , the delivery time is 2 weeks around. With our good support , our sales is keep increasing each month.

Suntan can offer all kinds of Trimming Potentiometers, as below:

  • TSR-3006 - Rectangular Trimming Potentiometers
  • TSR-3323 - 7 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
  • TSR-3296 - 5 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
  • TSR-3362 - 9 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
  • TSR-3386 - 8 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
  • TSR-3329 - Circularity Trimming Potentiometers
  • TSR-3266 - 5 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
  • TSR-3318 - 6mm Phenolic Round Trimming Potentiometers
  • TSR-3306 - 6mm Cermet Round Trimming Potentiometers
  • TSR-3309 - 9mm Round Trimming Potentiometers
  • TSR-065 - Phenolic Trimming Potentiometers
  • TSR-3590 - Precision Multiturn Wirewoud Potentiometer
  • TSR-105H - 6 Terminal Trimming Potentiometers


Su Suntan High Voltage Chip Ceramic Capacitor Special Offer

Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

We have below special offer for Suntan TS18H High Voltage Chip Ceramic Capacitor no. The price validity is 2 weeks from April 25 , 2008.

  • High Voltage MLCC 1206 0.027uF 500V X7R 10% US$28.0/kpcs
  • High Voltage MLCC 1206 0.018uF 500V X7R 10% US$25.0/kpcs
  • High Voltage MLCC 1210 0.12uF 300V X7R 10% US$52.0/kpcs

3Kpcs/ Reel, ROHS
MOQ: 51 kpcs per item
Pls. send inquiries soon if you need order these items.
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